An all-time chat: Vin Scully

Mac is supposed to be on vacation … circumstances demand a trip into the Wayback Machine. With the passing of legendary sportscaster Vin Scully, Mac found his interview with Vin in August of 2015 in his broadcast booth at Dodger Stadium.

What is all wrong with America’s past time

Baseball calls itself America’s national past time but in 2022 it’s apparent that title doesn’t mean much. Baseball and specifically Major League Baseball have become a niche and struggle to retain audiences in a competitive entertainment and sports market. Former major league infielder Jeff Frye has created an online community of fans and former players […]

College Football’s Future

For the second consecutive summer major college athletics has a dramatic announcement; last year it was Oklahoma and Texas leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, and this year it’s USC and UCLA leaving the Pac-12 for the Big 10.Long time sports announcer, and a timeless voice of college football, Tim Brando talks to Mac about […]

America’s reality, and future, with guns

Fort Worth attorney and second amendment expert Justin Sparks joins The Engel Angle to discuss how America “got here” with its relationship with guns, and its complicated future with firearms.

When is the price of gas coming down?

The price of gas is strangling the world, and specifically the American consumer. Does the President affect this price at all? Why is it just so high, and when is it coming down? To answer these questions and provide insight is Pegasus Resources CEO George Young.