Are we actually alone in the galaxy, and are we going to Mars?

Documentary filmmaker Terri Randall began her career as a painter. She is now an award-winning and Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker. Randall was nominated for an Academy Award for her short documentary, “Daughter of the Bride.” She has directed, produced and written several documentaries for the PBS program, NOVA, specifically about outer space. She has also worked with American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, as well as producing an episode about searching for life on Mars. Her current project on NOVA, “New Eye on the Universe” focuses on the amazing images from the James Webb Space Telescope. She discusses with Mac whether there is life away from Earth, putting a human being on Mars, and if Pluto is actually a planet. You can find her work at The NOVA episode, “New Eye on the Universe” is available here,

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