America’s First Ambassador to Ukraine talks Putin’s War

Roman Popadiuk was born in Austria to Ukranian parents who emigrated to the United States in the 1950s. He went on to build a successful career, with a speciality in foreign service relations for the U.S. government. After the fall of the USSR, he was appointed America’s first ambassador to the Ukraine. In his conversation […]

The real-life Jerry Maguire

Mac’s guest is one of the most influential people in the history of modern America sports. Agent Leigh Steinberg began his career in the mid 1970s, and went on to set the standard for an entire industry. He also is famously the inspiration for the movie, Jerry Maguire.

Hollywood stuntman (& Sly Stallone double), Freddie Poole

He’s a college dropout whose career started in mixed martial arts when there was no money, and today Freddie Poole is a working Hollywood stuntman and stunt director. Mac also explains why the latest Taylor Swift album let him down.

Trump, writing a speech for Bush, and America’s political scene

Kasey Pipes wrote speeches and was a policy adviser and strategist for both Gov. Arnold Schwarznegger and President George W. Bush. Pipes also wrote books on President Eisenhower and Nixon. Now he’s a consultant, and an expert on the current political scene. In this episode of The Engel Angle, Pipes talks with Mac Engel about […]


Veteran, award-winning ABC News correspondent Mireya Villareal has reported on the U.S. – Mexico border for several years. She joins Mac to discuss the divisive issue, and she has to correct him on the pronunciation of her name

What you never knew about the Central Intelligence Agency

Former Marine and CIA employee Nicholas Reynolds joins The Engel Angle to talk to Mac about his new book, “Need to Know: World War II and the Rise of American Intelligence.” Reynolds is a CIA historian and former curator at the CIA Museum. How did the CIA start, what was its original function, and is […]

Playing with Tom Brady, and for Bill Belichick

Rich Ohrnberger played in the NFL for five seasons, and played in a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. Injuries ended his career. He gets real about Tom Brady, and coach Bill Belichick. Currently a member of the sports media, and living in San Diego, Ohrnberger further details a now viral story about the […]

Exactly what the hell is an influencer?

Former actress and model Hilary Kennedy is married with a son, and has morphed into a successful influencer, which is now a career. She is a full-time influencer, and she gets real about the realities of this weird profession. You can find her at, or all over Instagram.

An all-time chat: Vin Scully

Mac is supposed to be on vacation … circumstances demand a trip into the Wayback Machine. With the passing of legendary sportscaster Vin Scully, Mac found his interview with Vin in August of 2015 in his broadcast booth at Dodger Stadium.