The reality of America’s greatest new terrorist threat is terrifying

Tracy Walder worked for the CIA and FBI. The author of the book, “The Unexpected Spy,” which is being explored as a potential series for Netflix, also provides expert analysis on America’s intelligence community for news shows. She’s a college professor as well. She talks to Mac about the differences between the CIA and FBI, […]

The man who made “Hoop Dreams” now brings you Bill Walton

In 1994, documentary filmmaker Steven James made one of the most memorable and successful documentaries ever, “Hoops Dreams.” James talks about making that film, and its subsequent impact, as well as the subject for his new project, the ESPN 30 for 30, “The Luckiest Guy In The World,” about Bill Walton. Plus, Mac bemoans the […]

Engel Angle: The Greatest Player You Know, but Never Knew

During his Major League Baseball playing career, Yogi Berra was one of the best to play the game; 10 World Series; 3 MVP awards, and a list of statistics that by today’s standards look unattainable. Berra, however, may have been better known for his personality, the “Yogi-isms,” and a persona that became more myth than […]

Trying to cover Carolina Panthers receiver Adam Thielen

He is one of the most inspiring stories in the National Football League. Adam Thielen was an obscure college football player at Minnesota State who landed a tryout with the Minnesota Vikings. He turned that into a spot on their practice squad. He turned that into a spot on the active roster. He turned that […]

Chatting with Iowa & college football legend Chuck Long

Chuck Long was little recruited when coming out of high school, but he went to the University of Iowa where he became one of the top quarterbacks in the nation. He was a first round draft pick of the Detroit Lions in 1986, and an elbow injury changed what could have been a solid career. […]

A career like damn near no other, period. Lisa Guerrero

Lisa Guerrero has done damn near everything in her 30-plus years in front of a camera. Model. Actress. NFL cheerleader. Sports journalist. Playboy cover girl. Investigative journalist. The former ABC Monday Night Football sideline reporter has lived a life. Many of them. She was way ahead of her time. The current reporter for Inside Edition […]

Thom Brennaman, “You can ask me anything.”

He is the son of sports casting royalty, Baseball Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman. Thom Brennaman created his own way in broadcasting and was a top voice calling NFL, MLB and major college football games as well as serving as the voice for the Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks and Cincinnati Reds. Brennaman worked with Jerry […]

He changed an entire sport, and why that sport doesn’t want to discuss it

Marty Turco played 11 seasons in the National Hockey League, and in 2002-’03 he set the NHL single season record for lowest goals against average by a goalie, 1.73. He was one of the best players to ever play at the University of Michigan and its power hockey program. Turco joined the Dallas Stars in […]

America’s most courageous insider, Dr. Jeffrey Wigand

In the mid 1990s, Dr. Jeffrey Wigand was a bio chemist working for a large tobacco firm in Kentucky. He went on to become one the world’s most well known whistleblowers after he revealed “inside” information that America’s tobacco industry deliberately manipulated cigarettes to be more addictive. His story, and specifically the struggle to air […]