Know Coach Prime with the man who knows Deion Sanders

Long time journalist Jean-Jacques Taylor covered sports, and specifically the Dallas Cowboys, for much of his 19 years at the Dallas Morning News.

A graduate of Dallas Skyline high school and Ohio State University, Taylor spent the last year with Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, and his then-Jackson State Tigers football program.

Deion was in the final year of his coaching tenure at JSU, and Taylor had nearly complete access to cover the team for his new book, “Coach Prime: Deion Sanders and the Making of Men.”

Now in his first season as the head coach at the University of Colorado, everything Deion does draws a crowd. The man is a human lightning rod, and a team that had been awful for 20 years is winning.
Jacques talks to Mac about Deion, myth versus reality, and why he believes Deion will never, ever go back to the NFL.
Plus, Mac fights a major issue at home: His daughter’s potential homecoming dress.

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